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How,  god can be explained ?? Well he is unexplainable, the power, speed, ability cant measured and explained by human mind and senses. But yes get some idea He can travel faster than light (yes even more faster than recently discovered neutrinos), he is stronger than the entire universe, he is more organized than technology, always hundred steps ahead than science, still the most mysterious, he can’t be known or identified by reading books or by human intelligence. Only way to know him is by childlike innocence and faith, he is only seen through the eyes of his devotees.

Well all those things I don’t know or understand that much, I just see him singing song in his latest film Ra one with Kareena Kapoor   ” DILDARA  DILDARA ..

and Here it goes .. 

Demonstrating SHAH RUKH is LORD KRISHNA:
Born in Delhi, both Krishna &Ram took birth in north India, which is near to Delhi. When he was born with umbilical cord around his neck at the time of his birth the nurse came and told everyone that the child is born with the blessing of HANUMAN. No wonder lord RAM is descending on earth quite usual to have a Hanuman connection.

Took birth in a Muslim family, a Aryan high born Pathan but married to a Hindu girl, truely God has no boundaries according to religion. Earlier Lord Narayana appeared as a Muslim fakir, when he appeared as Satya-Narayana. The time of Hindu Muslim and to hide his form what better way to then to born in a Muslim family

It is written in purans that he incarnates again and again in different forms that are appropriate to corresponding to the time he is taking birth. This time being an actor is the best options in terms of popularity or to influence people. Films are the mirror of real life .So, in this modern age its easier for him to inspire people as an actor it is also the best way to hide or utilize his divine beauty. Amazingly he started acting in his childhood by doing Ramleela.

When he came as RAM, many expressed to marry RAM or even wanted to be companion of RAM then Lord said he will fulfill their desires in his future incarnations so when he came as Krishna they became as GOPIs and by an Actor he now as is it impossible that some of his costars are GOPIS who also has incarnated to accompany him as well

The word SRK can be used as for both Sri Krishna as well as Shah Rukh Khan.

If SRK is lord himself then his name must have some meaning. Yes the word it is, "Shah Rukh" means prince-like face or Face of a Prince but the word "SHAH" also means Master or Emperor, and "RUKH'' means way or direction, jointly or the word "SHAH RUKH" means "MASTER OF ALL DIRECTIONS" and should I have to tell, master of all direction is God or lord Krishna himself. As being Rukhmini’s (Wife of Lord Krishna) master or husband also this names justifies.

He is the most hardworking star (according him) and toils very hard. From Hosting TV shows, Stage shows, entertaining guests in weddings, doing ads, making films, managing a cricket team he does is all. What else is the better way of saying "No work is bigger or smaller but the person performs it only gets bigger performing any deed". King Khan truely chasing the GITA phrase "Karma is Dharma".

Color black symbolizes mixture of every color or every color of life, it is also symbolic to lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu, and SRK’s favorite color is black just strengthens it. Why Lord Krishna or Vishnu is Black, many of scientists has agreed that in the begining everything was condensed in a point. There was a blackhole and after that bigbang theory came. Let's not make it lengthy here. Thing is that Krishna is considered form of BlackHole, Just like Black hole attracts everything the meaning Krishna also means Who attracts thus Krishna is Black. Few of Scientist who first developed Blackhole theory also acepts many from Srimad Bhagavat.

SRK’s wife is Gauri, Gauri is the other name Narayani or Durga. She is the one divine soul who is accompanying him currently. And there is another small detail, which very few people know, Lord Krishna's very or most beautiful wife Jamvati was actually Goddess Durga herself. Hense goddess Durga was Sri Krishna's spouse also.

''Ashoka the great" (Lord Krishna's partial incarnation is lord Buddha and it was Ashoka who published Buddhism). Hence little wonder, SRK has produced "Ashoka'', the film also has a message to the world that peace is greater than violence. It is said that the last incarnation of lord Krishna (Kalki Avatar) should ride on a white horse Devadutta, ironically in the film Ashoka Shah Rukh rode on a white horse.

God does Exist. Talibanis destroyed the Buddha statue in Bamiyaam Pradesh, Afghanistan. Unaware of the might of God. Little surprize their ego got hypered they destroyed World Trade Center and result of US Force did full force attack Afgans were thrown from their own land and thus God showed what u give u also get the same. In Mahabharata Sri Krishna had Arjun as his companion, SRK also has Arjun's nameshake Arjun Rampal as one of his friends.

NAR and NARAYAN always reside together, RAM had Laxman. Krishna had Arjun likewise, SRK has Karan. Remember (KKHH, K3G) he's compared Shah Rukh with Lord Krishna in all his films Remember those scenes of "Kuch Kuch" where RANI MUKERJI is singing "OM JAI JAGADISH HARE" in front of Shah Rukh in the college campus ironically indicating it is Shah Rukh who is JAGADISH or Lord Krishna, another time when SRK is going to meet his daughter background the bhajan "RAGHU PATI RAGHAV RAJA RAM" was being played.

In K3G remember in the last part where his costars in the movie went to SRK to meet in front of the statue of said that (in the film it was Jaya Bachchan) mother always sees misses him sees him through eyes Sri Krishna after Shah Rukh has left home.

Remember the song "Krishna kare Raas Radha k Saang." from Devdaas, Remember the film "Hum Tumhare hai Sanam" where SRK's name is Gopal Krishna. Films like "GUDDU", "TRIMURTI", "ONE TWO KA FOUR", "PARDESH", somewhere again in the film again compared with Krishna. There are uncountable occasions where SRK has been compared with lord Krishna if I start explaining there won’t be enough space left here so cutting it to short. No other Star is being so frequently compared with Lord Krishna like SRK has been. Are all these co-incidents? This is all because somehow the wave is there which comes in the mind that all of the directors that they somehow takes the name of Lord Krishna when Shah Rukh is around without properly knowing the reason, the his aura in the universe makes all things and brings those links where SRK is around.

The wall color of his banglow MANNAT and in Mathura where Lord krishna's birthplace is located is same.

Every 2500 years his major incarnation happens 7500 years ago he came as RAM, 5000 years ago as Krishna, 2500 years ago as Buddha (partly incarnation) and now as SHAH RUKH KHAN.

RAM was King, so was Krishna, Little wonder SRK is called King Khan, King of Bollywood.

Hema Malini is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. And that’s why no surprise it was by her SRK made his debute in movie career by her directed movie.

Lord Krishna or Vishnu has always resides near some river or ocean. No surprise SRK’s Bungalow is located besides the ARABIAN OCEAN.

The word "K" signifies Krishna. K world is considered lucky, also Krishna has always K-connection such as, K or Kanhaiya, Kansh, K for Kourav, Khurukhetra, Kaliya Nag, Kunti, Kanhaa, Krishna, Keshab, SRK's "K" connection, Famous dialog K-K-K-Kiran, His famous co-star Kajol, Friend Karan Johar, with all his "K-titled films", King Khan for K.

In many of films he has names of his earlier forms. Here the character he played in those movies are given:

"English Babu Desi Mam"= Harry

"Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam"=Gopal




"Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam"=His son’s name was Krish

"KANK"=His son’s name is Arjun

In Serial "FAUZI" he got popular with the name Abhimanyu Rai


"Pardesh" = Mohan

"Pehli" = Kishan

Now question, Why these links are coming even with present time. Answer: As these names were previously related with Lord Krishna, Somewhere when such kind of names comes to the lord like a magnetic force those NAME-Link comes to Lord again. May sound Bizaare but example is in front your eyes. sometimes FACT is stranger than friction.

Shah Rukh = Ram = Krishna (SRK)


"Mayur" is Lord Krishna’s another name, as he used to keep peacock feather in his crown. Its written Peacock feather is also very very dear to Lord krishna. SRK has manages to give his name with MAYUR touch he famously endorsed a clothing brand name "Mayur" and since then he famously known as        SHAH RUKH    MAYUR    KHAN.

He reached to top in a very unconventional way from TV star to a Top most moviestar facing all the adverse situations, just to show any body can do any thing all that needs is pure hard work and dedication. Showed if pure dedication and commitment is there whatever the situation is, any goal is reachable. Sacrificed his parents showed that he is not partial to anyone, everyone is same for him.

Reason behind a Movie star??