Wednesday, March 23, 2011


                                EPISODE  02

As I said I have decided to present these things I have viewed in mediatation what exactly happened, I will present in a form of videos and episode wise, as He is walking on earth as an Actor who what else can be better way to present these truth in a Filmy way, so here is it what happened, which i have viewed, so throught the eyes of a devotee u can also view this, so here we are.

But before that you have to travel time to view what exactly happened, So get ready to time travel first, ready ?? Ok let's go, so count now  3    2    1    0

TIME: (50000 years back) DWAPAR YUGA                        Place :   Dwarika, Ancient India

Sri Krishna sitting in a forest waiting for Udhav to come, when Udhav came he told that "O Udhav take everyone of Dwarika to some safer place. Time has arrived when I have to return to my world Vaikuntha. Sri Krishna told him that, when the Dwarka City was constructed then the God of Ocean took a promise from me that as long as I stay here in Dwarika Ocean will not approach towards the city but after I leave the city and return back to my world Vishnulok right from that time, within seven days Ocean will again take the city under its grasp.

As it's written in Puran, Sri Krishna said "Ami Jabo Nijo Dham Dwarika Nagari Grashibay Samundra" means when I will leave for my adobe Vaikuntha Dham, this city Dwarika will be under the grasp of Ocean".
Hearing that Udhav and all the other gods and goddesses also assembled there to Dwarika. They requested Lord Krishna to return to his world, as Vishnulok lost its grace, joyfullness in absense of his absolute master Lord Vishnu. Then Lord Krishna said, Yes I also want to leave earth now and proceed for my own world, it's been long time I have left my adobe, hence missing my place, missing my people very much and also in earth I have completed all the deeds of this incarnation so I can happily leave now. You all take care.

And the moment Lord Krishna left, Kali Yuga entered in to this world. Since then more than 5000 years passed, many things changed, many civilizations, many dynasties emerged and ruined in course of time. India, which was once regarded as world's best nation, invaders came differents parts of the world, some took its wealth and went back and some permanently stayed here, her people also fought against each other, many parts of her has been ruled by many kings.

Wars were fought, many lives were lost, many of its heritage and wealth perished, and slowly this great country also lost her place due to the Karmaphals of her own inhabitance, and was reduced to a third world nation. We the perfect browns forgot our power. Our self-esteem beat the dust. Year 1800, British started to come here as merchants and slowly from 1860 they took over the entire country. India went under the rule of British. Her descendents fought many battles for freedom, lost millions of lives, and scarified her brave men and women. To get freedom they fought with both Violence and Non-violence and at last one frail man with Ram's name on his month united our country and we again gained our freedom. India became Independent but at the cost of divide, and having left with many problems and differences in form of social, economical, cultural and many more. But what hit us more is the divide between two integral parts of India, Divided by religion, divided by class, India got divided with Pakistan and India. And still we are paying the cost of it directly or indirectly.

And as the divide of religion Hindu and Muslim still hurts us. India slowly started its journey towards revolution. Welcome to self-dependent India again. And far away there is Vaikuntha Lok Gods were watching every proceedings. Suddenly, oneday Narada came and told to Lord Vishnu, there has been chaos going on earth especially God's own country Bharatbarsa, Narada discussed the the present situation of earth and Bharatbarsa at that time. Hearing that Lord Vishnu suddenly told to his Parshads, there is still time left when the entire civilization will be destroyed and Satya Yuga will start but I want to go on earth once bcoz many of devotees and saints has been meditating hard to see me, I can't take long their cry, many of them has also different kind of wishes, I have to fulfill their wishes also. In this harsh world my poor devotees and some good people still constantly praying me it's getting very hard for me to stay out from them but still the time has not arrived that I will incarnate again but still I have to go, yes I have decided I will go in disguise, also long time I haven't been to my earth. Since I left Dwarka and Mathura still I desire to walk on that land and see this place again, and feel my countries sky, wind, and soil.

Hearing that all the demi-gods, goddess sited alarm and protested saying "God dont go now, the time hasn’t arrived for your incarnation, its Kaliyuga at it' pick which reigning the earth. Disbelief, hatrated, cheating and all kinds of sin is being committed on earth. Human race is going throught its roughest phase. Even in Treta and Dwapar people when people were more honest, simple, kind and well natured still u have to face many difficulties because of them. Did you forget, you have to leave mother Sita bcoz of those humans, When u incarnated as Krishna how much trouble have to go through all life because of those humans, and now it Kaliyuga at his worst. "O master, O suprem, Lord of the universe please show some pity on us, don't leave us, dont go there".

Sri Hari Vishnu told, Don't worry people won't identify me, there will be complete change in myself. And it will be a visit in disguise. I will take completely different form, language, religion, everything will be changed. So don't think for that. Also I want to roam around like normal human, want to go through human feelings. Still all demigod's exclaimed in surprise how is possible nobody will identify you, how is possible to hide your divine charm. Then lord said yes only devotees will identify me, as I said I only can be attained through true devotion, I am not attainable by knowledge or wealth so the moment anyone who will offer true devotion and surrender to me completely leave his/her ego I will be known to him/her then and there.

Status: God                                       Changed Status: Human form born in a Pathan family

                                                            Following Islam (Khan)

Divine Complexion:  Dark blue    Changed Complexion: Bright Brown

Eye Color:                                         Olive brown

Eyes, nose, face, body, hair designed to match modern form with universal appeal, talking style changed, suited to modern form. In fact the looks he has is ahead of current time, eyes, nose, face, proportionate body is even 100 years ahead of current time.

Among his associates also raised with similar voice that they will also accompany him to earth with their respective incarnations, God didnt stop them after their constant request. All gets ready to descend on earth one by one. And one after one his main associates started to descend on earth and for the others who is inhabitance of Vishulok, God says goodbye to them and told, "My dear ones time has arrived, that once again I have to proceed for earth so I am leaving for earth in disguise. My name will be Shah Rukh Khan, I will take in different religion and also change other things according to my birth, You all will always be happy with my blessing, and if needed remember me I will be present with my delicate form."

So, bye all I am leaving for earth